Patterns calmly stop,

from by mind coats



Three day weekend mind set
hiding wounds that time left open.
Silent sting.
"Won't they bury me in ivory?"
Blanket us in irony
sketch my face and all I see
are glossy wells where my eyes should be.

Haunted lucid dreaming.
Faintly screaming,
"Someone bury this right next to me
wake us when there's more to see"
Clocks shake hands to no relief.
Fingers laced beneath the screen.

Crippled city bird,
feathers left unstirred.
Crippled city bird,
measures left unheard.

These clever ghosts
they bleed the host
who takes the most
of this coated bliss.
The nervousness still exists
although calm I feel to some degree
closing off the world from me.
Looking for a chance to be
something less than what I see.

When these patterns only I can see,
slow their rate and cease to be,
solace has no guarantee
when thinking without space to breath.

Now my heart is pulsing rapidly.
dying leaves are wrapping me in silence
now I'll finally be the last fish in this dying sea.


from spectral, released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


mind coats Denver, Colorado

Layers of spectral variance...

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